Tips for Using C60live with Digestive Problems

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Tips for Using C60live with Digestive Problems

An Open Q & A


Every Tuesday, Magna Wave CEO Pat Ziemer holds “Office Hours,” an open Q & A session where he fields questions about everything from Magna Wave PEMF, Magnawaving, Magna Wave machines, supplements offered by Magna Wave PEMF, and everything in between, including tips for using C60live.

This particular Q & A covered several interesting topics. The conversation kicked off with a request for tips for using C60live, then touched on a variety of material including, current and past studies utilizing Magna Wave PEMF, all the way to whether or not Magna Wave machines can affect your electric bill.

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We Begin with Tips for Using C60live.

Now, if you’re new to Magna Wave PEMF supplements, tips for using C60live may be of particular interest. You may not even know what C60live is. In short C60 (aka; Buckminsterfullerene) is a molecule, that looks a lot like a soccer ball. It’s made of 60 carbon atoms (hence C60).  It’s a very strong, light carbon that behaves like a molecular cage. Unstable compounds “stick” to these molecules, just like glue. Because free radicals are unstable molecules, they stick to C60.


Which Brings Us Back to the Question Posed to Mr. Ziemer…


Q: Do you have any tips for using C60live when the individual is having digestive problems after starting?

A: The supplement is usually taken under the tongue or on the tongue. However, when we introduce something new to our bodies it can sometimes upset our digestive tract. If this is the case, one of our tips for using C60live is to place it on a cracker or piece of bread. This gives the stomach something to “work through” before processing C60live. If a cracker or bread don’t work for you, another of our tips for using C60live is to put it on any food item of your choice. “Bacon, if you like,” says Mr. Ziemer. He might’ve been joking… then again, he might not.

From here our Q & A session prompted various questions regarding studies utilizing Magna Wave PEMF.

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